Frequently Asked Questions


When are you open

We are open Monday from 9am to 5pm, Wednesday from 9am to 4pm, and Friday from 11am to 5pm


What activities to you put on in the Space

Besides open lab hours, we have a class, Making Social Change (SOC379) that meet in the Space, Club Meetings, Workshops, and eSports events


What Equipment do you have

We have many different Machines and Tools; 3D Printers, an Embroidery Machine, Laser Cutters, Virtual Reality Headsets, 2D and 3D CNC Machines, an Abrasive Water Jet and more


Who is allowed into the Space

All current students and faculty have access to the space and material use within



How do I Schedule an Appointment

Contact us through the website, giving a brief description of your project or request. You can then select different staff members to work with. We will then contact you to confirm the appointment time and get you in contact with an Available Staff Member


Where do you get your Funding

We are part of the CCC Maker Initiative, and receive Grant money to help students connect their education to making and contributing to society


How do I schedule time for the studio?

You can apply for time in our studio by going through the studio page, reading the rules for the studio, and applying for time. Once you’ve submitted a request, a Staff Member will contact you to confirm a time


How do i use any of your Virtual reality systems?

We will have our Virtual Reality systems set up on Fridays. Come in and feel free to try it out!