What We Do

At the Innovation Center, we have different activities and events throughout the semester, and we are continually working to have a more full schedule.

Open Lab Hours


Open Lab hours are just what they sound like; Free Time to take advantage of the space. This involves the use of our equipment in our Dirty and Clean Labs, time in our Studio, studying for classes, or taking a break between them.

getting certified to use machinery


The goal of the Innovation Center is to create a space in which all users have the autonomy to make rad projects in a safe, enjoyable, and inspiring atmosphere. In order to succeed with this mission, we have developed machine specific training through Canvas. Users will navigate various modules, take quizzes, and get a hands-on check off to use the machines. These training modules are available for all faculty, staff, and students. For more information please click the β€œCanvas Training” button.

Workshop Events


Some of the events we promote are workshops. Whether learning how to use a machine, or gaining more in depth knowledge about how you can work as a maker in the current job market. These events are a great way to introduce yourself to new ideas, techniques, or fields that you may find interest in.

Virtual Reality Gaming


On days that we do not host our Workshop Events, we have the ability and opportunity to set up Virtual Reality Gaming with our HTC Vive and Oculus Rift systems. While we are able to provide these experiences, our prioritized use of the space is for making and learning.



In the spirit of the Maker Mentality, We believe in the dissemination of knowledge and the power it brings. We have a designated Google Drive Folder for all students to add their projects, comment on others, and collaborate to create intricate and fascinating things. Please connect with us and innovate.

Tour the Innovation Center


If you would like to Tour the Innovation Center, please feel free to Schedule a Tour. During a tour, you will be led by a Makerspace Facilitator that will discuss each section of the Innovation Center, show examples of projects, and have the option to ask questions