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Studio Rules

Studio Training


In order to use the Studio, like anything else in the Maker Space, you must complete the Canvas Training Module

Studio Scheduling


To use the Innovation Center recording studio you must book studio time prior to use.

To book studio time in advance, either:

Book online below


Book in person using the monthly studio schedule board located inside the Innovation Center recording studio.

To book studio time day of, you may sign up via the daily studio sign up board located on the Innovation Center recording studio door.

The Innovation Center recording studio operates on a 1 hour time slot based system. Each time slot lasts 1 hour beginning at the start of each hour (Example: 2pm-3pm).

You may only book one time slot at a time per day. If no one has booked studio time directly after your time slot you may continue to use the recording studio until the next booked time slot or another student requests to use the recording studio.

To be courteous to other please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time, and be prepared to leave 5 minutes before your scheduled time ends.

If you do not show up 10 minutes after your booked time has begun, your time slot will be given away if another student wants to use the recording studio.

Note: If you have a special recording project that requires more than the standard 1 hour studio slot time, feel free to speak to a staff member about booking a special longer studio session. These requests will be handled on a case by case basis, and subject to studio availability.

Studio Rules and Etiquette


Please no food or drink in direct proximity to studio equipment. Food or drink is permitted only on the table located at the back of the recording studio and must remain here at all times to avoid risk of damaging studio equipment.

Please do not change the way recording studio equipment is configured. If you need to make physical changes to the setup of the studio, please consult Innovation Center staff, and we will be happy to assist you.

Please be considerate with the volume at which you work. The Innovation Center recording studio is not a purpose built studio which means sound will bleed through the studio walls into other spaces of the Innovation Center. This is especially true when it comes to lower frequencies. We have placed yellow tape on the mixer’s master fader to help guide you to work at an appropriate volume.


General Rules


Everyone must check in when entering the space

When your studio time is done, you need to either schedule more time or leave at that time. If the Studio is considered messy or not cleaned afterwards, you will lose studio privileges

Scheduled Sessions have priority, but if the schedule is open, you may request Studio time with any Staff Member

Do Not Edit the Studio Space

Staff is free to enter at any time

We reserve the right to ask any group to leave

If you are in the Studio as a group, Everyone is responsible for the space


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