CCC Maker Initiative


In 2016, the California Community College Chancellor’s Office, Workforce and Economic Division funded the $17 million CCC Maker Initiative for three years under the  Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy  framework. We believe that creating a college maker culture will enable students to explore, create and connect in new creative ways and this will more effectively prepare them for meaningful careers.

The CCC Maker Initiative:

  • Supports a network of California Community College makerspaces, nurtures a maker culture and incorporates innovation, entrepreneurship and making into education
  • Funds 800 internships using skills developed in the classroom and the makerspace leading to high wage, in-demand STEM/STEAM careers
  • Offers resources, connects colleges and encourages plans that fit community needs
  • Builds a community of college makerspaces that:
    • Welcomes non-traditional students
    • Encourages building community within each college’s regional ecosystem
    • Supports faculty in embedding making into instruction
    • Partners with businesses to produce innovation-ready graduates
  • Creates relevant career pathways and stackable credentials, promotes student success and gets Californians into open jobs
  • Shares best practices in infusing making, innovation and entrepreneurship into students’ college experiences to prepare them for STEM/STEAM careers

Increase Opportunity through Making

California’s education pipeline is not keeping pace with the skills and education required by employers, entrepreneurship among young adults has declined, and instructional delivery methods of the past are being replaced by more accessible, inexpensive and plentiful sources.

With 2.1 million students, California Community Colleges represent the largest and most diverse education system in the United States.  With a goal of closing California’s middle-skills gap, a successful model could positively impact many students, preparing them with 21stCentury Skills, growing STEM/STEAM fields, fueling job creation and strengthening regional economies.

Education that Makes an Impact

CCC Maker spaces will drive innovation in education and California Community College students will be prepared for success in STEM/STEAM careers that demand 21st Century skills.

The California Community College (CCC) Maker initiative will build a community of college makerspaces that welcome non-traditional students, support faculty in embedding making into instruction and offering adaptive curriculum, and partner with businesses to produce innovation-ready graduates inspired to contribute to the creative economy.