Makerspace Facilitator



The Makerspace Facilitator will assist the executive director with day--to--day operations of the Innovation Center particularly with oversight of equipment maintenance and repair, safety protocols and practices, and development and documentation of training procedures.



The onboarding process will consist of familiarizing students with these machines: 

Vinyl Cutter 

Laser Cutters

3D Printers

CNC Routers

Studio & Music Equipment

Sewing & Embroidering Machines

Power Tools

Abrasive Water Jet

Audio and Visual Systems used in the Space



Maintaining the Space

Facilitate and supervise students in the Innovation Center

Maintenance of the Machines

Documentation of Projects, Safety, and Other Initiatives

Discover, Order, and Test new Equipment, Tools, and Accessories

Work with stakeholders to manage operations

Corresponding with Partners Through Email and in Person

Scheduling and Overseeing Tours

Monitor Inventory and Supply

Maintaining the Levels and Use of Consumables

Ensuring the Safe and Proper use of the Inventory

Installing and Updating Software

Space Management Including Organizing and Resetting Different Areas

Facilitating Events

Scheduling, Coordinating, and Hosting Events for Faculty, Students, and Assorted Guests

Ensuring Safety of All that come into the Innovation Center


Promoting the Maker Mentality

Encouraging and Supporting Student Projects

Welcoming Students and Giving Tours of the Innovation Center



Strong Communication and Collaboration Skills

Mechanical Aptitude Sufficient to Perform Basic Maintenance and Diagnostics of Facility Equipment and Affect Minor Repairs

Interest or Experience in Working with Computer Aided Design and Fabrication Technology

Interest or Experience in 3D Printers, Laser Cutters, CNC Routers, and Other Equipment that is Useful for Making

Technical Knowledge of and Ability to Work Within a Variety of Software Platforms

Ability to Research, Support, and Troubleshoot Numerous Hardware Peripherals, Software, and Apps

Excellent Organizational and Follow-Through Skills with Strong Attention to Detail and the Ability to Multi-Task and Assess Priorities



If you have any Questions regarding a Makerspace Facilitator position, please feel free to come in during our Open Hours to ask us